About Us

We are India's premiere realestate marketing company.

From a company that specialized in online property advertising, Indian Real Estate Bazaar (IREB) has managed to become one of India's most sought-after companies with reliable professional expertise in the fields of traditional and online real estate marketing. We market residential and commercial properties to potential buyers, sellers and renters who are based locally and internationally. We provide the latest and most updated information related to properties in India, making us every real estate investor and property seeker's biggest source of information for the best home buys found in India. We provide a helpful portal for prospective buyers across the globe who are looking to buy or sell their property in India.
Since the company's incorporation in 2013, Indian Real Estate Bazaar (IREB) has pioneered the online real estate advertisement market in India.
We have worked hard to develop the most systematic way for online real estate research. We have employed only the most user friendly web interface for convenient searching and utmost functionality. As pioneers of real estate online marketing,Indian Real Estate Bazaar (IREB) is becoming a standard for Builders, Real Estate Agents, Sellers and Landlords from around different parts of india in effectively advertising and marketing homes and lands over the internet. Easily browse our directory based on region, area, price, amenities and availability. India has the biggest land area in South Asia. It has been gifted with abundance of livable land and a bountiful of attractions through its rich history and culture. Are you looking to buy or sell a land in India? We have the best deals and the most comprehensive details on the best available properties in India today.
Whether you are looking for traditional or online, Indian Real Estate Bazaar (IREB) knows the right marketing solution for you. How can we help you? Contact us for more information